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Egger Contemporary and Premium Laminate Worktops 

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Egger Contemporary Worktops


Our Contemporary resource of worktops has been developed to coordinate with the latest colour tones in kitchen design. We are uniquely positioned to do this because we produce the worktop as well as the materials that are used in other areas of the kitchen, such as doors and end panels, giving you the resources to achieve a coordinated look.

Advantages of Contemporary Worktops:

  • The latest trend led designs, in woodgrain, ceramic and stone finishes
  • Postformed to a 3 mm radius for a sleek finish
  • Matching upstands & spashbacks available
  • Many worktop designs have matching melamine faced chipboard to create a coordinated kitchen design for end panels, door frontals or shelving

Worktop Dimensions
All worktops are available in a 38 mm thickness and as 4100 x 600 mm (single postformed) or 670 mm (double postformed for breakfast bar) or 920 mm (double postformed for breakfast bars)

Egger Premium Worktops


Choose from the next generation of finishes that are virtually indistinguishable from solid wood and stone, but with all the hardwearing, hygienic and easy to care for benefits of laminate.

All designs come with the in-vogue square edge profile, whilst the stone and ceramic designs are all offered in a new sleek 25mm thickness.

Advantages of Premium Worktops:

  • All 12 designs come with an in-vogue square edge profile
  • 6 decors have a sleek 25mm thickness
  • Matching upstands & spashbacks available in all decors plus six contrasting decors
  • Endgrain edging available for our four woodgrain decors to finish off the exposed edges.
Worktop Dimensions
Worktops are available in a variety of 25 mm / 38 mm thicknesses and as 4100 x 650 mm (edged on one long side) or 920 mm (edged on two long sides)