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Oasis Budget Kitchen Worktops

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Oasis Worktops Manufactured by Kronospan

From lustrous, contemporary stone effects to the warm welcome of a classic woodgrain finish, our high pressure laminate worktops set the benchmark for durable, high quality construction that isn’t reflected in the price. 

Kronospan Oasis kitchen Worktop Texture finishes and profiles​​​​​​​

Gloss = SQ, GL A Gloss finish to enhance and compliment the effect of the decor. - 6mm & 10mm Postform decor dependent.

Universal = U A smooth matt look and feel, giving the worktop a simple, clean finish. Profile - 6mm Postform

Pearl = PE - A subtle, burnished surface detail. Profile - 6mm Postform

Crystal = PG A sophisticated texture that offers a delicate surface shimmer. Profile - 6mm PostformRough

Rough Stone = RS Soft Rivan slate texture suitable for natural stone decors. Profile - 6mm Postform

​​​​​​​Smooth = BS A contemporary smooth matt finish that looks as good as it feels. Profile - 6mm Postform

Wood Original = WO Gentile Linear texture of woodgrain species. Profile - 6mm Postform

Opal Finish *NEW = OP An irregular crystaline surface with subtly refractive facets delivering a visual and tactile effect. Profile - 6mm Postform

Radiance = RA A unique texture that captures the realism of quartz found in natural stone. Profile - 6mm Postform


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