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Formica Infiniti® Worktops are a luxurious matte surface solution, packed full of properties specifically designed for the kitchen environment. Either coping with little sticky fingers or creating a refined and elegant look that will impress any dinner guest, Formica Infiniti® has the perfect combination of features that will make your kitchen surfaces look good, feel good and stay good. Absolute Matte - Low Light Reflectance, Soft Touch, Anti-Finger Print, Anti-Marking, Water Repellent, Anti-Microbia

Formica Infiniti® Worktops are available with two edge options; soft rounded edges or clean square edges. This subtle difference in worktop edging can create different aesthetics within the kitchen space

Formica Infiniti® Contour is a rounded profiled edge with a subtle curve available on all worktops and breakfast bars within the Formica Infiniti® Worktops range.


Formica Infiniti® Edge is an ultra-modern 22mm thick square edge, allowing for clean lines and the creation of bespoke component shapes.